An Unusual Airdrop of Flare (Spark) Will Lead to Explosive Growth in Ripple (XRP) Holders

An unusual airdrop of Flare (Spark) will lead to explosive growth in Ripple (XRP) holders

Flare promises to add the ability to work with smart contracts to those blockchains that do not yet allow it. To promote its project and the native token Spark, the company conducts a kind of airdrop – a free distribution of tokens.

Flare claims that blockchains like the Bitcoin or Ripple will also be able to launch smart contracts with the help of Flare technology. It is due to smart contracts that the Ethereum network is very popular. Smart contracts make it possible to develop and run decentralized applications (dApps) on the blockchain, as well as DeFi projects, which are booming this year. It was the DeFi popularity that prompted Flare developers to develop technology that aims at adding smart contracts to any blockchain.

Ripple is interested in the Flare project and is partnering with it. In response, the new startup decided to conduct a free airdrop of its tokens among XRP holders. XRP holders will get the same number of Spark tokens as they have XRP in their account at the time of the snapshot on December 12th. Spark tokens can subsequently be used to operate the Flare network or be used as collateral in the Flare ecosystem.

Several exchanges have already announced support for the unusual airdrop, including Uphold, Gatehub, AnchorUSD, and Bitrue. But those users who do not hold their XRP tokens on these exchanges can take part in the Spark distribution too. They only have to register an account on the Flare network and be able to prove their right to own XRP tokens. There is a simple procedure with an XRP ledger for this.

Free distribution of tokens is usually practiced by completely unknown startups with the aim of forming an initial user base. As a rule, in order to receive tokens for free, users are invited to perform some operations that will contribute to the growth of the project’s popularity. In this case, users don’t need to do anything – just have an XRP token on their accounts. With this campaign, Flare confirms that the level of its partnership with Ripple is high.

Flare Networks stated the market players are very interested in their campaign. More than 24 thousand accounts have already been created, which hold 1.5 billion XRP tokens. However, the snapshot day is still more than two months away. Users are in a hurry to take part in this action, fearing that later participation will be limited by Flare, since it does not assume any obligations on the timing. In addition, the Flare Networks project itself looks promising, which means that the price of the native token Spark will rise. The possibility to get it for free means guaranteed money without investment.