Anthony Pompliano Took Part in the “Rich Dad” Radio Show

Robert Kiyosaki and Anthony Pompliano Discussed the Benefits of Bitcoin

Source: Cryptoonliner

Morgan Creek founder Anthony Pompliano took part in Robert Kiyosaki’s “The Rich Dad” radio show. The author of the bestselling book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” told Pompliano about why he chose Bitcoin.

Bitcoin instead of the dollar

According to Kiyosaki, he seriously thought about buying BTC when he realized that the dollar would become weaker every day. The investor believes that the reason for this is the wrong approach of the government to solve modern economic challenges. An unprecedented infusion of money into the economy does not speak in favor of the dollar. And this is when the Bitcoin halving took place on May 11, a strategy designed to fight inflation.

The businessman said that his first attempt to buy BTC took place in 2017. At that time, cryptocurrency demonstrated its best performance, but Kiyosaki did not dare to invest in it.

It should be noted that Kiyosaki paid great attention to Bitcoin in his tweets this year. Most often, he spoke about the coronavirus, criticized the Fed’s policies, and even stated that BTC, gold, and silver are the most reliable assets during the economic crisis.

Halving is a guarantee of security

The conversation as such was held in the spirit of dialogue between the younger and older generations – Kiyosaki admitted that he regularly listens to the Pompliano podcast because he wants to learn more about Bitcoin.

Kiyosaki and Pompliano concluded that Bitcoin halving has many advantages over the tools that are in the Fed’s arsenal. The halving takes place every four years, and any changes can be made only through the will of more than 50% of the community members. Nevertheless, Pompliano is sure that millions of people will never take such a step.

At the same time, only twelve people participate in the adoption of the most important decisions in the Fed. Thus, the basic principles of Bitcoin seem more reliable and will not change at any opportunity.

Coinbase criticism

Robert Kiyosaki mentioned that he considers Coinbase’s $25,000 limit to be an extremely inconvenient deterrent. The fact is that the investor plans to invest a more substantial amount in cryptocurrency.

Pompliano assured the interlocutor that Coinbase is simply trying to keep everything under control and fight scammers. Besides, BTC can be purchased at over-the-counter trading, and the existing limit will be canceled sooner or later.