Expert: Last Opportunity to Buy Bitcoin (BTC) Below $50K

Expert: Last Opportunity to buy Bitcoin (BTC) Below $50K

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The crash of bitcoin makes it possible to buy it for those who did not dare to do it for a long time. Investors who trust in the first cryptocurrency continue to buy BTC.

The first cryptocurrency seems to drift near $50K. Some analysts even speculate that BTC could drop to $ 40K. At best bitcoin is close to the highs and further, there can only be a crash. This is the opinion of a trader with the nickname Dave the Wave. He conducted technical analysis on the basis of which he claims that BTC is ready to “head south”. Bitcoin failed to break the $60K resistance level. Later after the crash, it began to rise, but failed to rise above $50K. Thus, the BTC chart formed a head and shoulders pattern, which often indicates a trend reversal.

Dave the Wave has a reputation as a prophet in the crypto community because he predicted the collapse of bitcoin from $11,400 to $6400 in 2019. Now the expert notes:

– No certainties of course [* especially * in the short term] but price action is currently on course for a series of lower highs and lower lows ….

The SEC statement negatively affected BTC too. The Commission warned investors against investing in bitcoin:

– Investors should understand that Bitcoin, including gaining exposure through the Bitcoin futures market, is a highly speculative investment.

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler also repeated his claim that many of the cryptocurrencies traded in the market are securities in fact. On this news, the price of Ripple (XRP) fell sharply too.

However, many analysts are positive about bitcoin. An analyst with the nickname Smart Contracter is confident that bitcoin is ready for a new rally and some altcoins will grow along with it. According to Smart Contracter, BTC will set its all-time high at $75K. Some altcoins will grow with it, especially Solana (SOL) and SushiSwap (SUSHI).

SushiSwap is a decentralized exchange competing with the popular decentralized exchange Uniswap, which saw record growth for its token (UNI) last year due to DeFi. According to the analyst, SUSHI could grow by 200% in the coming months. SOL can grow because Solana is a highly scalable network. The king of cryptocurrency itself, according to Smart Contracter, is in an upward channel. The expert notes:

– Really not much has changed for BTC, looking like a smaller flat within a larger flat, new all-time highs are on the way.

The popular trader il Capo is ready to risk his reputation and suggests bookmark his forecast:

– Last opportunity to buy $BTC below $50K. Bookmark this tweet.