Robert Kiyosaki Speaks about Protests in USA and Bitcoin on Twitter

Robert Kiyosaki Speaks about Bitcoin and US Protests


Popular writer and entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki keeps on delighting the crypto community with new tweets on Bitcoin.

The author of the popular science book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Robert Kiyosaki is also an investor in real estate and gold. Now he has decided to talk about why he considers cryptocurrency an exceptional investment opportunity and why he continues to write about Bitcoin on Twitter.

Real Estate, Bitcoin and Save Haven

Kiyosaki said that a true investor invests in something that really brings him pleasure. That is what his books on financial literacy say.

In a recent tweet, the author clarified that he had once started his career with real estate and now supports the idea of ​​Bitcoin in the same way. There is no particular reason; he is simply interested in it. Kiyosaki saw the prospects of investing in real estate since childhood, but a little later drew attention to silver and gold, which is considered a safe haven.

He had previously written on Twitter about the role of Bitcoin in the fight against the financial crisis amid the coronavirus pandemic. Kiyosaki focused on the fact that the Fed has chosen a strategy for printing money and will fill the market with fake dollars. According to the investment guru, this situation is perfect for Bitcoin. Citizens will inevitably turn to cryptocurrency in the hope of preserving their savings from the imminent fall of the dollar.

The main idea of ​​an entrepreneur is that his readers should first find the area that is most interesting to them. Then they need to study it, analyze all the risks, and only then invest.

Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Jason Williams recently confirmed that his list of favorite investment tools is similar to Robert Kiyosaki’s. It should be noted that Williams also supports Bitcoin and its basic principles.

Social unrest in the United States is gaining momentum and is already beginning to influence Europe. The main reason for the protests was the death of African American George Floyd at the hands of the police.

Peaceful protests escalated into real anarchy, resulting in a state of emergency in New York. Part of the protesters, along with a group of looters, began to rob high-end stores and damage small businesses.

Events could not but interest the investor, and he decided to speak out on their account. Kiyosaki confirmed that he himself had repeatedly witnessed manifestations of racism towards black people. His personal experience tells him that there is a problem of racism in society. At the same time, the investor added that racism had a positive effect on him because he himself became better as a person. Kiyosaki advises paying attention to protests because the current situation can help all people become more noble.