Nio Stock Price Forecast for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028

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If you are looking for Nio Stock price prediction/forecast for 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030 and want to know where the prices will go in the future? then you are at the right place. Here we will discuss Nio stock forecast for 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030 or Nio Stock Price Prediction.


What is Nio Stock?

NIO Inc. is an Electric Vehicle manufacturing company. The company was started by William Li in 2014 and is headquartered in Shanghai, China. The company also provides EV cars as well as other related solutions. For example, it also provides the facility of charging stations and battery swapping stations.

NIO launched its first electric hypercar EP9 with its arrival in the market. Presently the company has more than 9000 employees. After this, the company followed up with cars like ES6 (five-seater electric SUV), ES8 (seven-seater electric SUV), EC6 (five-seater electric coupe SUV), ET7, (electric sedan), and ET5, (most compact sedan). m1any variants have been launched.

Founder/ CEOWilliam Li or Bin Li
Headquarters1) Shanghai, China
2) Hefei, China
Number of Employees9834 [July 2023]
SoFi 52-week High $22.74
SoFi 52-week Low$7
Nio Stock Overview

NIO company has raised more than $5 billion from its investors. By 2025, the company plans to expand to other 25 different countries and regions.


Nio Stock Price Today

Nio Stock Forecast 2023

The way Tesla has become a strong brand all over the world in the field of electric vehicles. Which is not good for consumers. For this, it is very important to have a competitor in the field of EV. NIO is considered to be the second most popular brand in China after Tesla, which is very important.

One of the reasons for the improvement in NIO stock price is that the European permit has been received in 2021. This means that the company will soon start delivering cars to European countries. Which is a major player in the field of electric vehicles.

NIO stock price forecast for end-2023 could be as high as $17.02, according to analysts and investors.

YearPrice Prediction 2023
2023$ 17.02

Nio Stock Forecast 2024

If NIO starts making profits by the end of 2023, the forecast value for NIO stock price in the coming year 2024 could go up to around $29.88. The incredible technology of the NIO company has attracted a lot of interest from investors.

YearPrice Prediction 2024
2024$ 29.88

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Nio Stock Forecast 2025

If investors and analysts are to be believed, the estimated price of this stock in the year 2025 will be around $85.61.

YearPrice Prediction 2025
2025$ 85.61

Nio Stock Forecast 2026

Analysts and investors expect Nio stock price forecast to reach around $ 245.27 in 2026.

YearPrice Prediction 2026
2026$ 245.27

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Nio Stock Forecast 2027

YearPrice Prediction 2027
2027$ 702.71

Nio Stock Forecast 2028

YearPrice Prediction 2028
2028$ 2,013.24

Nio Stock Forecast 2029

YearPrice Prediction 2029
2029$ 5,767.90

Nio Stock Forecast 2030

Based on the fundamentals and price history of NIO stock, the predicted price of NIO stock for 2030 can go up to $16,525.

YearPrice Prediction 2030
2030Around $ 16,525

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We have discussed Nio Stock Price Forecast 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, and 2030. We also discussed whether you should invest in Nio stock or not. Overall, if you liked this article on Nio Stock Price Forecast, then definitely share it with your friends.


What will NIO stock be worth in 5 years?

NIO Inc company is growing very fast. NIO stock price could go up to around $2,013.24 in the next 5 years.

What is the NIO stock forecast for 2025?

Nio’s Stock forecast is around $ 85.61 in 2025.

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